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#JAMES the BnB Butler

a fine selection of beautiful apartments, breathtaking villas & exclusive yachts, available for holiday short stay rental in stunning holiday destinations like Knokke, Paris, Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Marbella, Bali, Marrakechthe Alps. A handpicked portfolio to offer you just that unique, perfect accommodation, no matter your destination.

More then just luxury holiday rentals, an easy going full service rental concept. Not only an unique portfolio, upgrade your stay with my on demand local butler services, and make your holiday a full service one. Personal attention, an eye for detail and a service minded attitude, is my drive. Download your butler, and let me provide you with the best holiday (rental) experience possible.

Fuel your holiday mood and check out my stunning selection of holiday villas, apartments & yachts in all my destinations here.

your luxury holiday like no other in stunning destinations like Knokke, Ibiza, Marbella, Saint Tropez, and Verbier! I constantly add new ones to give you a wide selection of the most beautiful places in the world.

 Explore my exclusive holiday rentals and elevate your getaway with my on demand local concierge services via my app.

Discover all my stunning holiday destinations here, what is your  favorite one?

#JAMES your butler in an app

Get exclusive access to all my apartments, villas & yachts in all my destinations, & upgrade your stay with one of my local on demand butler services via my app, Nanny? Private Chef? Shuttle service? Housekeeping? Restaurant Service? Helicopter ride? Fill my fridge? The possibilities are endless, experience the luxury of having a butler.

Let me activate your account for free!

having a Butler is just 1 click away!

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Nothing better then traveling in all comfort and private luxury to your holiday destination with my private jet service? My network of private jet companies provide you the perfect Jet or Helicopter charter, no matter your destination.

A fully customized travel solution to offer you the maximized comfort  to travel from door to door. Any personal wishes during the flight or on arrival? Consider it done, besides the charter. order all additional services via my app to complete the perfect journey, download your butler.


elevating guest experience by providing them high quality personal service is key for guest satisfaction, but. traditional concierge services are labour intensive, the solution? Download your butler!  My full service rental – concierge – butler app uses the latests techniques to combine luxury holiday rentals with on demand local service . A fully flexible, Uber taxi like service platform.  A butler app for your apartment, villa, hotel, resort, yacht or private jet service? I love to collab! No investment, no monthly fees, just service!   Let’s get in touch & explore a collab.

Experience the allure of Saint Tropez – a Mediterranean gem! Explore sun-kissed beaches, chic boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. Book your getaway today for a taste of luxury and seaside bliss. Indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean dream in Saint Tropez! Nestled on the French Riviera, this glamorous coastal town beckons you with its irresistible charm. Discover the essence of luxury and relaxation as you explore the captivating beauty of Saint Tropez.

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