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cafe 't Werftje

We believe in marrying absolute individuality with conscious collective living‘ At Baindoux, we know you can’t fake character, and that authenticity is in the genes. We aim to highlight this by creating fashion with a distinctive and individual look. Enhanced by an element of surprise, found in unexpected small touches and details.

With flagship stores in Saint Tropez, Marbella, Knokke, Monaco & Lisabon, Baindoux operates in the same segment as #JAMES. As a guest of #JAMES the BnB Butler, you are a special guest at Baindoux, personal shopping & exclusive deals are examples how I offer my guests just that little bit of extra in the collaboration with this fast growing high fashion brand. Combining both our networks, increases the possibilities for my guests, and clients of  Baindoux.


personal shopping at Baindoux with #JAMES  is one of the privileges of being a guest of #JAMES, no matter the day or time, the Baindoux team will exclusively make the shop available, just for you! Enjoy a glass of champagne while you shop in all privacy and comfort, download my app and experience this unique why to explore Baindoux.


your butler


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