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Stunning luxury villa for sale in Es Vedrà , your Ibiza dream getaway! Are you ready to escape to the lap of luxury? Experience the ultimate in relaxation, comfort, and opulence at ‘Villa Uma’ – the jewel of Ibiza’s luxury holiday rentals, meticulously curated by #JAMES, the BnB Butler. Your unforgettable island retreat begins here.

4 beds | 4 bath | pool | sea view |

JAMES Immo Ibiza newly build villa for sale Eularia des Riu by JAMES the BnB Butler

the perfect return on investment  my full service short stay rental service provides you not only with a care free stay in your holiday home, but a full service rental service. You enjoy your home away from home, and #JAMES will take care making a profit renting it out


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JAMES Immo Ibiza newly build villa for sale Eularia des Riu by JAMES the BnB Butler

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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque island of Ibiza, Eularia des Rui Villa is a marvel of contemporary architecture and timeless design. With its impeccable attention to detail, this villa boasts an array of features that cater to the most discerning individuals, ensuring that your investment stands out in the competitive Ibiza real estate market.

While Eularia des Rui Villa is a paradise in its own right, it’s also a lucrative investment opportunity. Thanks to Ibiza’s status as a premier destination for luxury travelers, the villa presents a remarkable potential for generating income through holiday rentals. #JAMES, the BnB Butler, is here to manage every aspect of your vacation rental business, ensuring optimal returns on your investment.

Eularia des Rui Villa in Ibiza offers a rare opportunity to invest in a luxurious property that not only provides a dreamy lifestyle but also a substantial return on investment. With #JAMES, the BnB Butler, managing your vacation rental business, you can rest assured that your property will be optimized for success.

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 get inspired by this unique development & investment opportunity Iget in touch with the owner and catch all inspiring details. Interested in making a return on investment via luxury short stay holiday rental? I love to make you a simulation about future rental returns. Get in touch, no strings attached.

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